Making your home fit for the future

With soaring energy prices and sustainability high on the agenda, the need for an energy efficient home has never been greater.

But too often, the advice out there just isn’t cutting it. Whether it’s unhelpfully generic or just unrealistic quotes, there are barriers stopping us from having the energy efficient homes we want and need. That’s where Kuppa comes in.

With Kuppa, you can understand whether to insulate your walls or replace your windows, install a heat pump or plan for solar panels. In simple terms; what to do, when to do it, and what to expect in terms of financial payback and future impact.
Kuppa can help you
Reduce your bills
Reduce your carbon footprint
Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer

How it Works

Tell us about you and your Home

Every home is different, so we start by understanding how *your* home works.

In 20 questions we understand both the bricks and mortar structure and how you live at home.

That's all you need to do.

20 questions, 10 minutes.

Understand your Home today

With that information, Kuppa's Energy Model identifies how your home is performing.

We're able to understand where your heat is going, whether that's through your walls, doors or windows. 

And that's important because that heat represents your growing bills!

Create your future Home

Now it's time to play with your Future Home.

Kuppa recommends the steps you can take towards an energy efficient home.

We'll tell you whether double glazing, solar panels or a heat pump are going to get you the benefits you're looking for.

All our recommendations come with cost and carbon paybacks.

Plus, we suggest the best timing for these works.

It's all about the three C's

Kuppa tells you how much you can expect to save or gain when it comes to Cost, Carbon and Comfort
Reduce your energy bills by at least 60%
Reduce your home's carbon footprint by up to 90%
Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer

Why Kuppa?

Accurate results in minutes
By replacing a home survey with our computer model, we offer accurate results without you ever having to leave your sofa.
Bespoke (without the price tag)
Based on what you tell us, we give you specific recommendations with the impacts you can expect as a result. Truly bespoke, free advice.
Plans change... Customise
Planning some home repairs or a renovation project? Come back and customise your recommendations, for an up-to-date step by step plan.

Kuppa looks at You & Your Home

Bricks & Mortar
Your walls and windows, roof and floors are all connected. This means, if you make changes in one part of your home, others will be impacted. So, if you insulate but don't ventilate, you'll increase the risk of damp.
Coming Soon
Heating Systems
Making your building more efficient reduces your home’s energy needs which can make upgrading your heating systems more cost effective. That’s why we look at both Bricks and Mortar and Heating Systems. 
Heat Pump
Underfloor Heating
Coming soon
Solar Panels
Coming soon
You & Your Household
Whether it’s future plans for an extension or a growing family, your home is unique because of you and the people you live with. When making recommendations, Kuppa takes into account your preferences and plans. 
Your Budget
Your Motivation
Size of Project
Coming soon
Renovation & Repairs projects
Coming soon

What our early customers say

Having an idea of how much energy efficiency upgrades will cost can help me plan what I'll do in my new home. I've not been able to find that elsewhere.
New Homeowner
I am impressed! I used Kuppa for one of my rental properties. The recommendations are clear and easy to understand. Very pleased!
With our youngest child flying the nest, we're looking at doing some renovations. Kuppa's tool gave us options to help decide what we'll do next.


Hi! We're Kirsty and Reinier, the founders of Kuppa. 

Having heard from hundreds of homeowners we know people want to upgrade their homes, making them more energy efficient. Whether it's about saving money on your bills or improving the planet for future generations, we believe it should be easy for you to make it happen. That's why we've set up Kuppa, which we hope will become your partner for an energy efficient home.

With Reinier’s experience as an Environmental Engineer and Kirsty’s experience working in Property and Technology companies, we’d like to think we're a great mix of minds to be tackling this problem. 

Join the Waitlist

Each week, we're opening Kuppa to a small (but growing) number of users. For now, it's free to use.

We're keeping it small so that we can develop Kuppa in line with every early customer's feedback.

Join our waitlist to get access to Kuppa sooner.

Common Questions

How does the Kuppa Energy Model work?
Our Energy Model is based on the principles of the UK government’s Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP), but customised to how you use your home. Based on your answers, we create a virtual Energy Model of your house, which reveals where your heat goes and which measures will be most effective, based on your priorities.
How accurate is Kuppa's Energy Model?
Our team of industry experts have developed the model and it is based on the latest insights in building physics. As with any model, the accuracy is constrained by the inputs, i.e. how much we know about your home and how you use it.
How long does Kuppa take to get my results?
Thanks to our energy model, results are produced instantly and will appear on your screen.
Can Kuppa confirm the estimate quotes?
The quotes are based on market data gathered by ourselves and partners, and should be an accurate reflection of the cost of the measure. As with anything, prices may vary depending on the current condition of your home and inflation.
What else can Kuppa help me with?
Right now we are focused on making our Energy Model as accurate as possible. But, in the future Kuppa will also source your contractors, financing, and getting grants for Heat Pumps. In general, if there’s something you want us to help you with - get in touch!
How is this different from a Retrofit survey?
The average retrofit surveys cost upwards of £500 and require a professional to come to your home. At Kuppa, we have eliminated this cost and the house visit, while also producing results with similar accuracy.
How is this different from an EPC?
Kuppa differs from an EPC rating in three key ways:

· We take more factors that impact your house into account than an EPC, including the local climate, the occupancy, and your personal motivations.

· More bespoke - an EPC report presents standard recommendations that do not consider the little things that make your home special. Kuppa tailors the recommendations specifically to what would work for your home, and to match your motivations.

· More accurate costing - while EPCs give a fixed amount regardless of what kind of home your live in, we look at your specific home to give accurate costings.

· Heat pumps - Kuppa also suggests your readiness for a heat pump.
Where are you based?
We are based in London but our team is based across Europe.